“Museums, whatever their content, are logical design arenas. Their renewed vitality reflects a spreading curatorial perception that a museum is a designed situation more than it is a warehouse open to the public.”

We were excited to work with this museum on such an important temporary exhibition.

As well as designing and delivering the interpretation panels, we were tasked with building two room sets, one which was immersive allowing the public to fully interact and another which accurately depicts the farmhouse the Great Train robbers used as a hideout.

Our team sourced all the period pieces to complement the original evidence objects and the exhibition was peppered throughout with low-level interactives and discoveries for all ages.


  • Exhibition identity
  • Gallery design
  • Low-level interactives
  • Interpretation graphics
  • Film editing
  • Prop making & set dressing
  • Pre-build of room sets
  • Installation & de-rig

The Circus delivered all they had promised and more. They transformed what is a relatively small space into an exciting interactive experience for our broad range of visitors. Their friendly team were extremely creative, accommodating and hands on - with even the creative director attending with a paint brush to complete the build to their exacting standards.”