“Design must be functional and functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics, without any reliance on gimmicks that have to be explained”

FERDINAND PORSCHE - Founder of the Porsche car company

We have supported the communications team at IOPC with the design of a number of prestigious publications. Initially, we were tasked with creating a new logo, but over the years we have developed a whole suite of literature in English, French and Spanish which have in turn, created
a strong identity for the organisation.

Whatever we are tasked with, we deliver. Recently we were asked to create three unique corporate awards, sculpted and cast in bronze. Using the resources of the craftsman within the dockyard we were able to create exactly what the client wanted.


  • Logo & marque
  • Annual Report
  • Translated publications
  • Box wallet & multiple brochures
  • Office interior graphics
  • Info graphics
  • Photography
  • Corporate literature
  • Corporate award design

The Circus provided us with a design for a range of corporate brochures that would sit together in a box wallet. By providing us with such a strong and appropriate design they effectively created a new brand for us as well.

This design naturally moved onto our other publications including our flagship publication - our Annual Report and its translation into two additional languages. The Circus have raised the profile of the organisation by providing us with quality, corporate publications that sit comfortably within our serious industry.”