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The Circus is back on the virtual circuit

15th October 2015

The Circus is back on the virtual circuit

Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen, do take your ringside seats! The Circus have completed their new website and are delighted to announce that it is now live!

Our site now shows you some of our best and varied work so do have a browse, and of course, spread the word. There may be something on our website that really inspires you or your company to do in the coming months.

Is your site responsive like ours? With over 50% of viewers now only looking at websites on mobile or tablet devices you need to be sure that you can be seen in the most effective way.

In short, moving your site over to a responsive platform is something you really should be doing. So pick up the phone to The Circus and we will talk you through it.

In the meantime boil the kettle, sit back and relax and take a gentle stroll through our site.

(Apologies in advance to all those with a genuine dislike for the colour yellow).

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